img_6527From Brazil to New York, from Summer to Winter and from wherever you are, welcome to my blog!

My name is Ana Candida, I am a Brazilian studying Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in New York. Now ready to start my last semester of college, it is easy to say that the past three years went by really fast and smoothly. It was indeed fast, perhaps not so smooth though.

A lot of people has told me how courageous I was for moving to a different country, completely alone and with no more than 19 years old. I think I’ve never really realized how big this was, I just wanted to experience it and take the most out of it.

Of course there were difficulties (a lot!), days I just wanted to go back home and days that I just hated the city. But then, there were so many happy moments and accomplishments. I’ve learned how to take care of myself (I even learned how to cook a lot of new things), I’ve interned for some big fashion companies, I’ve experienced and worked at Fashion Week, I’ve learned how to navigate the city, I’ve started my own blog!

And what is best? I don’t regret one single moment of it!

Join me while I share some of my best tips about New York, the Fashion World and my personal experiences during this journey through college in a different city, different country, different culture.


Ana Candida Carvalho